Certification & Sustainability

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FOODTECH is currently an active member of world-class institutions, to extend our collaborative responsibilities on environment and commitment to sustainability.


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Marine Stewardship Council

Earth Island Institute

Dolphin Safe Organization




Foodtech JSC does not endorse the practice of shark finning, which is the retention of any fins while discarding the carcass at sea. We will only purchase from vessel-owning companies that have a published policy prohibiting shark finning on board it's vessels, and we will not purchase from any vessel that has been found to have finned for 2 years following the date of the most recent finding.

International Seafood Sustainability Foundation

Supplier's Shark Finning and Tuna Retention Policy


Our quality management & standard have also been globally certified in strict compliance with US FDA, HACCP, IFS, BRC, HALAL, and OU.



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